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You don't fluke a horse like Beauty Generation

Having had a little to do with Beauty Generation’s beginning (I planned his mating), like many watching around the world last night, I was staggered by the domination of his Longines Hong Kong Mile victory.

How many horses – anywhere in the world – can work that hard to get across from a difficult draw and win, let alone do it in the fashion that he did – three lengths easing down against the best turf milers in the world.

Beauty Generation is a world-class thoroughbred, no doubt about that. Some might say he is a bit freakish. I don’t agree with that, at all – you don’t fluke a champion like Beauty Generation.

The start to a thoroughbred’s life must be first rate. They must be nurtured appropriately as a foal and then raised in an environment which is appropriate; by that I mean well fed and cared for, but at the same time challenging enough to create an equine athlete who wants to compete.

Beauty Generation got that very start at Sam & Libby Bleakley’s Highden Park near Palmerston North. If you need convincing, note that Ping Hai Star (2018 Hong Kong Derby) also enjoyed his start at Highden Park.

Highden is not some huge factory-like horse farm. It’s the complete opposite, a small, hands-on, no frills operation where hard work replaces bluster and self-importance.

Graeme Kelly wrote a lovely piece about Libby Bleakley in a recent edition of; click on this link to read…

The photo below is of Beauty Generation when just 30 hours old.

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