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Skin in the game? Let's get positive!

The New Zealand Racing Industry has - at long long last - so very much to be encouraged about.

In a country where negativity seems to begin our every day, the racing industry is happily swimming against tide, let's bullet point a few of the reasons why those of us with real skin in the game need to put our positivity caps on and embrace the future for our industry.

Prize Money: Has increased by 29% this season - that's $20.3m more in the pot. $10k Maiden races are now a long way in the rear vision mirror (though it seems like yesterday).

Pearl Series: Bonuses have increased by 100%, yes doubled for the season ahead. It really is worth having your filly or mare registered for the series now.

Ellerslie: A world-class racing facility, which for many of us is on our back doorstep, kicks back into action in the New Year. $50m very well spent & a business model which offers longevity & certainty.

I'm Mr Independent - proudly not in the pocket of any industry sector - and reinvigorated about the industry I've worked in through all the ups-and-downs during the past 4 decades. Let's get positive!

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