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New season, new opportunities

As those of us in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry bid farewell to the 2019-2020 Southern Hemisphere season, it's time to look forward to what's ahead - here's what's on the hit-list for me...

* Keep reminding international investors that the place to breed and raise their stock is here in New Zealand

* Continue my efforts in taking Challenge Racehorse Syndications from a small player in the NZ syndication marketplace to one having a more significant presence

* Assist existing & new clients in their efforts to rationalize their respective bloodstock portfolios - guide them through what needs to go and find ways of affording the best opportunity for those that should stay

* Continue to provide professional bloodstock valuations and my thanks to New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing for renewing my license for a further five years this week

Every kiwi right now is watching the international train wreck which is Covid-19. We know we are blessed to be in the position we are here in NZ. I'm ready to get stuck into another season with the knowledge that I can do it safely.

Pic: Beauty Generation - Hong Kong's greatest ever money earner - had his beginnings with this agency. Photo courtesy of the HKJC.

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