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JENNIFER ECCLES (NZ) - time for the thankyous

* Adrian & Hannah at Woburn Farm for your skills & relentless effort * Haylie Martin at GavelHouse for never taking the foot off the pedal and delivering on everything promised * The New Zealand Bloodstock team for their effort & support in the process * Kia Ora Stud for buying our beautiful mare; we're at peace in the knowledge that she'll get a great opportunity * The many bidders who made for a successful auction * The 62-strong Challenge TEN Syndicate for backing my decisions 100% * Shaune Ritchie & Colm Murray for taking her to Filly of the Year status * Paul Pertab for breaking her in & recognising her talent early on

Thank you Jennifer (syndicate knew her as 'Pippa'), we will cherish the memories.

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