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About Trackside, from an insider's point of view

It's a long time since Trackside presenters had a 'uniform' of dark blue shirts & a bright green tie! Here I am wearing that get up and interviewing ace jockey Lance O'Sullivan live after a Black Type win at Ellerslie - that's trainer Mike Breslin behind.

A stand-alone racing channel in New Zealand has been with us now for 28 years. I wasn't involved in the first year of proceedings but got my break in 1993 when the concept of a breeding industry show was mooted. I put my hand up and was armed with a pilot show which I had made earlier. The beginning of what was to become a 15 year continuous run for me and 'The Ford Report' is a bit of a distant memory, but I do recall that John Clydesdale and Rex Pearce (advertising) were involved along with Andre Neill and Richard Ellerington (TAB).

I've observed people come and go at Trackside over the 28 year period. I was fortunate to work with some obsolute pros - Sheldon Murtha & Mark Rosanowski come readily to mind as presenters I learned from & admired. We had some superb directors - Glen Broomhall was a natural and Scott Paton was rock a solid in everything he did. But that's just 4 names - there was and still is scores of great talent at Trackside.

So many people, so much effort & so much love for the industry. Well done team, keep up the great work.

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