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A strategic approach to bloodstock holdings in tough times

Right now if you are looking at your thoroughbred holdings and wondering what the hell to do in these uncertain times, my first recommendation is that you get independent advice.

I provide a service where I put in place the following strategic approach...

* Evaluation of every horse in your portfolio including an up-to-date valuation

* Put forward an 'Action Plan' which would include

* strategies to dispose of unsuitable stock

* individual plans for those retained to make sure their potential is realised

* consideration towards strategic investment (some fantastic opportunities are emerging)

This is a keep-the-foot-on-the-pedal approach; once the strategy is agreed to, I get on and action it - leaving you to focus on your core business interests.

Right now it's important for you to be working with someone with an ear to the ground - someone who knows what's going on in the ever-changing environment across racing and breeding in both New Zealand & Australia.

So if you have a bloodstock portfolio of some consequence, I can help. I work on the basis of having an initial no-obligation face-to-face (online of course right now). The client is quoted a price for my services & matters only progress if all parties are satisfied.

It's not a service you'll easily find - especially where there is no conflict of interest - so please feel free to contact me anytime to get the ball rolling. Check out my credentials at my website.

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